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Future Technologies - METRO Group -

Is this what future going to be.......? We will not need our brain at all !!

It's a 13 min. virtual tour and quite interesting.
Hope you enjoy it!


(From 'Strategic Information Systems' class)


Moules (ムール貝)

This is another Belgian's specialty, Moules.
The dish comes with a full of Moules in a big bucket (as picture above), you can hardly finish.

The Moules are soaked into a soup in a bucket, so the soup becomes even more delicious. You can drink the soup with a shell, using as a spoon (my brother in law taught us).

This is a MUST dish in Brussels!


This is a restaurant we tried to have a lunch one time in December, but it was full. This time, my brother in law made a reservation for a dinner and we all enjoyed Belgian dishes.

I ordered Croquette (a mix of Cheese Croquette & Shrimp Croquette) for myself, which is one of the Belgian's specialties.


The world's No. 1 outfit holder, "Manneken Pis (Petit Julien )" san.
He wore a Mozart outfit with a wonderful wig this time.
"oh, you look fantastic today!"

DANDOY Belgian Waffle

My parents ordered Brussels waffle (below) and my sister and I ordered Liege waffle (above).
This is the second time I had DANDOY's waffle, but I want to eat again and again!

DANDOY's speculoos is also very good.


Früh Kölsch

The picture above is one of the Köln beers M kun taught me.

We had a lunch at Früh restaurant and ordered;
①Mettwurst mit Sauerkraut and Püree (Boiled sausage)
②Frische Bratwurst mit Bratkartoffeln und gemischtem Slat (Fresh grilled sausage)
③Heringstöpfchen "Hausfrauenart" mit Salzkartoffeln (marinated fish)
④Nudelauflauf von bunten Nudeln mit Hackfleisch und Käsesauce, dazu Salat (Noodle)
⑤Früh Kölsch (0.2 ltr. €1.55) x 6 <--- oishii. ⑥Apfelkorn <--- Mother liked it. My parents liked Fresh grilled sausage the best. Super Lecker! I wished M kun was with us...

Köln Cathedral

The purpose of our trip was to see the Cathedral in Köln.
My mother read the newspaper a few years ago and taught me that the Cathedral was almost forfeit the designation of a world heritage (UNESCO) because of its touristy surroundings. I almost forgot about this news, but suddenly remembered when I saw 'Cartier' and other brand shops next to the Cathedral......... why?
The Cathedral was very big and impressive. We walked around inside of the cathedral while reading information brochure in one hand. I found these two (pictures) were especially beautiful. The construction of the church itself is expressing 'Germany', I thought.

A day trip to Köln, Germany

On Saturday, we woke up early and made a day trip to Köln by train. It only takes 2 hours/ one way from Brussels. Luckly, we could travel first-class in the train. As soon as we get on, a breakfast was served with a drink (hot, cold, or alcohol). Actually, we were served a drink twice during the ride and the service was great! It's so much fun to travel by train :-D
We remembered last time we did was 20 years ago in the train from France to Spain during our backpack travelling. We did not expect it will happen again (with four of us) , so we were very happy about this trip.
It was such a nice moment & day.


Parents' visit

My parents came to visit my sister and her husband in Brussels.
So, I joined them from Friday afternoon after the class.
I took a Eurostar from London to Midi, Brussels which takes only 2.5 hours.
(However, Norwich to London takes much longer than that.)

So much looking forward to see my parents!



Back in England







毎日ご馳走 in Japan

母特製のローストビーフが一番おいしかった♪ Colman's of Norwich マスタードがよく合う。
イギリスに戻りたくないよぅ。。。 (ボソッ)