Since I didn't know anything about "THE INDEPENDENT" newspaper (see a previous blog), I went to buy one at the University shop after the breakfast.

Mr. Withey mentioned in his speech that the number of subscription of The independent are increasing compare to other newspapers. Plus, I saw two other people buying same newspaper.
The independent must be good & popular, I thought.
(but, I almost bought last night's newspapers (Herald Tribune or USA Today) just for 20P. So cheap for lots of information :-D)

There are too many advertisement. I don't think it's really worth 1.40 pound.
Definitely, it's not going to be my favorite!


a guest speaker of today

Every other week, UEA arranges Business Forum and invite guest speakers.
The guest speakers explain how they manage key business and management issues on a day to day basis.

Today's guest speaker was Richard Withey from Independent Digital (the digital division of The Independent newspaper group).

In the forum, he showed us a very interesting web site, called "EPIC 2014, MUSEUM OF MEDIA HISTORY".
It's about a future history of media, created by two smart guys (Mr. Withey says).

I think it's worth to watch 8 minutes of flash movie, one time.
So, here you are!



back to live

Finally, I'm back on line!
yes !!
I want to celebrate !!!

It had been SO stressful that I could not have used my PC in my room.
(I get a lot of stress, even one small function does not work with my PC.)

Hadn't seen my boyfriend (through web cam) for a week + two.
Today, when skyped, I kept talking & talking............& talking......